Little Bird Communications

Little Bird is a company that helps businesses communicate and work better together. The brief was to expand on the existing logo and develop it across all material, including all print work, presentations and website.


Include the introduction of an illustrated bird icon into the existing logo, which would give the business some character and inject a little humour. 

Create a suite of assets that could be used on the website and PowerPoint presentations.

Create an extensive colour palette for use when creating presentations.

Bird icon

Several designs and illustrative styles were presented from which one was selected and developed to the next stage.

As the company’s main focus is on communication the approved design is based on the speech bubble, a universally recognisable image. It suggests humour and the shape forms the basis of the bird and beak. Overdrawn eyes, legs and wings complete the character. This was developed further with several poses and colours based on the colour palette.

Master logo

This was combined with the existing text element to create the final logo. Three versions were created for different uses. Several colour versions were created, as per the clients wish, and one was selected as the master logo.

Logo, branding
Colour palette

An extensive colour palette was created. A set of solid colours with gradients between them.

This variety gives the business more choice when constructing their presentations, and gives the option to compliment the branding of the company they are pitching to.

Business card
Design assets

A catalogue of illustrated assets was established  in each of the 8 colours. These were supplied as separate files from which the client could select where desired to create a bespoke presentation every time. The copy would be created but still be editable by the client.

Powerpoint presentations

Below are a few suggested presentation page layouts utilising the assets supplied. The client has the option to use any of the above colour combinations.

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