Are you an established company needing a regular graphic design service?

Or  maybe an individual with a great new business idea and need help to create an identity or logo for your new venture?

I can help!

With more than 25 years experience working as a graphic designer and illustrator with individuals, advertising and marketing agencies in London and the South West I can offer a graphic design and illustration service to suit your needs.


Over the years I have developed a range of skills from the traditional pen and pad to digital. This allows me to work on projects from their initial concept to completion  including all the print-ready artwork. If required I can also organise and oversee website development on your behalf.  If a project demands additional skills I can collaborate with other talented approved professionals, such as copywriters, 3d and 2d animators, web developers or photographers.

A reliable and professional service.

We would meet up  to discuss your project regularly and I would be your single point of contact. Meaning no confusion, no complexity and nothing lost in translation.
As a result you will have more input in your project and feel part of the design process.

My work is driven by creative thinking and an in-depth understanding of the design, artwork, production and print process, and being committed to providing a quality and competitive service. 

Have you ever thought of a bespoke character for your business?

Or considered using illustration as an alternative to photography to make your business stand out from your competitors?

Much of my work involves illustration. For example, if a logo design requires a illustrative element. As a versatile and flexible illustrator I can produce these for you, eliminating the need to find an additional resource.
My illustration consists of many styles and methods, from the hand drawn to digital. 

Many clients require illustrations that are adaptable and will be used over a variety of promotional materials, such as, brochures, leaflets and flyers and exhibition signage and banners. Therefore the illustration has to be flexible and able to be reproduced in many different sizes without loss of quality.
In cases like these I would create a ‘vector’ illustration (if the style of illustration allows), which can be used at any size with no loss of quality. This has massive advantages as it isn’t resolution based and will not pixelate when increased in size. 

I’m often asked to re-create existing styles that a client has seen as well as creating a bespoke and unique style for
your brand or company.