One of the reasons is that many start-ups, SME’s and large established businesses approach printers for design work or developers for website design. In doing so the crucial design stage is sometimes missed out. Of course you could approach a design agency and get a fantastic job in return. But typically when doing so you would work through an account handler, who in turn would liaise with the designer. This can be an expensive process.

Wouldn’t it be easier to deal directly with the designer working on your project?

Yes! Why not employ a freelancer or independent designer like myself. The work produced would be exactly the same, but at a fraction of the price. We would meet to discuss your project and I would be your single point of contact throughout the whole project. Meaning no confusion, no complexity and with nothing being lost in translation. 

Why choose me and what can you expect?

As a multi-disciplined designer and illustrator with more than 20 years experience in the design industry, I have the unique ability to work on your project from conception to completion. I can produce all your print-ready artwork and manage either the printing or the website development. When a project demands additional skills I collaborate with other talented and approved professionals such as copywriters, 3d and 2d animators, web developers or photographers.

A reliable and professional service

My work is driven by passionate and creative thinking and an in-depth understanding of the design, artwork, production and print process. Being committed to providing a quality service which is competitive and produces results. Objectives will be met, on time and on budget.